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My name is Chaunie Gay! I’m 29 and was born and raised in Dallas,TX. Fashion has always been apart of me since I could remember. At 5 years old I was already dressing myself and knowing how to piece different patterns together. I always cared about my appearance even at a young age. I remember vividly not wanting to play on the playground with the other kids because I didn’t want to get my white Keds dirty lol. Growing up, clothes and shoes were more than materialistic items to me, they were my friends! I could be myself and express it through my style. That’s why I started blogging. I wanted to show the world how to express themselves and how to wear anything they wanted with confidence! I am so happy to be the Brand Ambassador for ShueEsq because of course I love shoes and I love what they stand for. Encouraging and empowering women through shoe wear!

      My “Dream More Than One Dream”  At A Glance!

  1. What “Dream More Than One Dream” means to me is to never limit yourself! It means to never give yourself limitations on your dreams, goals, and aspirations! Always follow your dreams and then some. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t have more than one dream either. You can do anything you put your mind to!
  1. I have tons of dreams, but I work on them one by one. It’s important to make a plan of your dreams and goals in order to stay on point. I personally want to have multiple sources of income so right now that’s my dream! It’s important because I want to be financially stable, successful, and happy! By me working on my dreams now, that will happen!
  1. I got the courage to go after more than one dream from being raised in a single-parent household. I saw how hard my mother worked to take care of my sister and me, that I had no choice but to be encouraged. My mother always taught me to shoot for the stars and never give up on my dreams!
  1. Believe in yourself is the first step! You have to be your own number one fan and hype man. Building yourself up gets you ready to take on your dreams. Limiting yourself is never an option, don’t do it! There are no such things as limits when it comes to dreams. Follow your dreams with no limits!
  1. I faced failure while chasing more than one dream. I believe it was because I was moving too fast and not paying attention to what was going on. I also wasn’t planning very well which wasn’t helpful either. But, it was a great lesson learned.
  1. I faced the obstacle of worrying what everyone would say about me starting a blog. It took a while to believe in myself and to not worry about what others would say. When I hit that obstacle, I didn’t get give up. It hurt my feelings to mess up and get off track, but I bounced back! After facing that obstacle, I could rule the world and be who I wanted to be. Obstacles will always be there while chasing dreams. It all depends on how you tackle that obstacle!
  1. I’m obsessed with Dorothy Dandridge and I live by this quote-  “There is no force more Powerful than a Woman determined to rise”-Dorothy Dandridge

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