It’s Our [2 Year] ShuEsq Anniversary

When we decided to start ShuEsq it went without question that we wanted to remain incognito. We had no interest in showing our faces to gain some kind of recognition from what we knew would be a great brand. However, time has proven that people really want to know who are these attorneys who are #dreamingmorethanonedream?

It’s us!

Ashley O. and Asya M.

Surprise, we are in fact fierce! But, you could have guessed that from our carefully curated selection of unique women’s shoes. But, this post is not so much just about our physical identities. We have spent the last two years asking others about what it means to #DreamMoreThanOneDream, it is time for you all to hear our take on this not so carefully curated lifestyle. So on our 2-year anniversary launch, sit back, relax, and get to know us a bit more, not only as a team, but as individuals too.

First up, Asya M., Esq.

I am a practicing attorney and co-owner of yours truly, ShuEsq., The Shoe Bar! It is important for me to dream more than one dream because sometimes I encounter roadblocks and disappoints in my career as an attorney that would make me feel that my goals are impossible. However, due to the miracles and opportunities I have experienced with ShuEsq, it pushes me to keep going because I know that I will eventually experience just as many miracles and opportunities in my career as an attorney. So, in essence, dreaming more than one dream serves as a gateway for you to push past disappointments and obstacles that you may face in one dream because of the success you are experiencing in another dream.

To dream more than one dreams means that you are staying true to the goals that set your soul on fire. Anyone who dreams more than one dream is going against the grain of society’s attempt to confine us to one specific thing because we have chosen to pursue a particular career, education, or even hobby.

But, in order to push forward, I need courage.  The courage I had to start ShuEsq., is partly credited to Ashley O. and the rest comes from God! It was like God allowed me meet someone else who was not only crazy enough to believe, but passionate. I just remember the excitement I felt when we were coming up with the idea of ShuEsq and to see someone else posses that same excitement, it was like why not dream more than one dream and start ShuEsq.

What I know is that all things are possible to those who believe.  One of the common denominators in the success of those who are truly living out their dreams is that they first believed in themselves.  As cliché as it sounds, it is true. Because if truth be told, sometimes it is just hard to believe in yourself especially during the times where it seems that rejection knows your name all too well. But, you have got to believe in yourself.

And while I know that all things are possible, I am still overcoming obstacles. Of course, I purchased a new planner this year, but this time I have an accountability partner. She’s my buddy. We have a planner date on Sundays. During this time we basically write in our planners for the week ahead. We both have Passion Planners and it has been beneficial because it allows me to create a schedule that was similar to a schedule I created while in law school. The planner literally has times set throughout the day for each day so you know what you should be doing during that time. I have also become more stingy with my time. I have no problem telling the people around me, that I can’t talk or do this right now because according to my planner I should be using this hour to complete a certain task.  And because life does happen, I may not always be able to stick with what has been outlined for the week, but I refer to my planner to regroup so that I can get back on track.  I also like the Passion Planner because at the end of every month there are pages for self-reflection where you can see what you can do better when moving into the next month! So if you are having a hard time with managing your time outside of your career to juggle your multiple dreams, get a true accountability partner and a planner.  It works.

What I think you should know if you are questioning your abilities to #DreamingMoreThanOneDream is,  “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” You owe it to yourself. The tasks and journey are not as daunting when you are working towards things you are passionate about.

Next up, Ashley O., Esq.

#DreamingMoreThanOneDream to me means taking off the limits of life’s confinements. As a creative, I often have a number of things running through my head. My thought process can get crazy, but what I am comforted in knowing is that if I take the time, I can put into action whatever my brain dreams up. No limits babey!

But, I find it important to note that #DreamingMoreThanOneDream does NOT mean to me the act of pursuing a multitude of ideas just to obtain some kind of monetary gain or recognition. If the passion is not there, you will lack the drive to push you forward and will eventually quickly burn out. This will take the fun out of life. I believe that #DreamingMoreThanOneDream, while sometimes stressful, should ultimately bring you joy.

By now, you know how I am #DreamingMoreThanOneDream as co-owner of ShuEsq., The Shoe Bar and as an attorney. One of my other dreams, that yields me no money btw, is traveling the world. Dreaming multiple dreams is important to me because it provides me with various outlets. My work as an attorney could easily be depressing considering that on a daily basis I interpret people’s failing health that sometimes results in life-altering changes and even death. ShuEsq gives me a creative and fun outlet that often involves something brighter and exciting. As for traveling, I am able to explore different cultures and have a greater appreciation for not only life, but also knowing that while we all are different, we are also very much the same. Another plus in traveling the world is that I am able to do “market research” on shoe trends around the world. Traveling is probably the ONLY time you will catch me in a shoe store.

What gives me the courage to go after my dreams? God…simple (or not so) as that. I know that He created me as a multifaceted person who is capable of going after any passion He birthed in me.

And for those who are doubting the possibilities of #DreamingMoreThanOneDream, I say that you and your thought process is the ONLY thing holding you back. Try telling the universe exactly what you want from it, go after it, and trust that those things will come true. There is more power in the tongue (aka your words) than you may believe. 

The obstacles that I have faced while living out my multiple dreams involve dealing with patience. I am still working on it.  And, despite my tested patience still being an obstacle, I know that it cannot hinder me from still operating at my best. I think it is important that we remember whatever obstacle is before us, we must work through them instead of allowing them to hinder us. Obstacles will always be there, but they should rarely serve as an excuse.

The quote that carries me through is from a sermon I once heard preached by Pastor Freddie Haynes. He says, “whenever God is leading you with a vision, you will NEVER have enough of what you need to move forward. That is why you need faith. Faith says I’m going to actively move trusting that when I move, He will supply”.

I love this because too often people look at others living out their dreams and think people went into their dreams with all the necessary resources and a perfect plan in place. While it is great IF you do have those things, the only thing necessary to move forward is your faith for the dream that was birthed inside of you.

And, that’s us, folks. Ashley O. and Asya M.,co-owners of ShuEsq., The Shoe Bar

Thanks for being with us on this journey for the past two years. Whether you have been here from day 1, March 2, 2016, or whether you just stopped by today.

And, while birthdays usually mean receiving, ShuEsq wants to gift you 20% off your entire order today! Shop now! +No Code Needed


  • Marsha Mitchem: January 19, 2019

    I am so proud of all of you ladies, I pray that each of continual blessing in each of your endeavors. It’s so nice to see you young ladies of color following your dreams. “GODS BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU!”

  • Janina Perrin: January 19, 2019

    Congratulation to you both lawyers and shoe business people I’m so proud of you may God keep his hands on you

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