When Art and Science Collide

At first glance, some may think that art and science is an unlikely duo. Georgia native, Mel Smith, shows us how the two are actually a match made in heaven.  Mel is a mother, makeup artist, entrepreneur, and certified medical surgery registered nurse. Mel’s work as a make-up artist has been featured in Revlon’s Professional Hair Ad Campaign, Wet n Wild Beauty, Krave Magazine, and Munalichi Luxury Bridal Magazine. Mel also launched her own luxury Mink Lashes line that has been worn by the likes of Kandi Burrus from the Atlanta Housewives, gospel singer Erica Campbell, R&B singer Monica, and Angela Simmons. Additionally, Mel owns a cosmetic line, The M’Lashe Collection, and The M’Spot, a makeup concierge service. Due to Mel’s nursing education, she developed a science background, thus, enhancing her skills as a make-up artist and product developer that results in a more in depth understanding of angles, color theory, and the interaction of their chemicals and reactions.

Mel began channeling her love for art through her enrollment in art classes in the 6th grade and continued her art education through high school. Shortly after graduating from cosmetology school, she worked as a nail technician so that she could pay for an education to earn her nursing degree as a registered nurse. Once she obtained her nursing degree, she became specialized in her field and earned her certification as a medical surgical nurse.

We are pretty sure you are wondering how she began to develop her artistry as a makeup artist. Well it wasn’t until she fell in love with the skincare line, Shiseido Line, while living in Misawa Japan.  Through her love for Shiseido, Mel discovered the ability to make women feel great by enhancing their natural beauty and decided to pursue a full-time career as a makeup artist. These experiences have shaped Mel’s belief that #DreamingMoreThanOneDream is not only about opportunity, but also about being limitless.

Mel admits that she did not always operate under this belief. At times she felt boxed in because she believed she had to be a good mother, wife, and nurse. She was not always sure how to fulfill her desires of being an artist and product developer because she believed she could not do more than one “thing” at a time.  Sometimes dreamers, we are our biggest hinderance in obtaining our goals. And no, it is not always necessary to achieve goals simultaneously because we do believe everything happens in its own time. But if you have the urge to work on several goals at once, don’t allow your limited thinking and the lack of belief in yourself be the reason you don’t work to achieve those goals.

For Mel, #DreamingMoreThanOneDream has nothing to do with financial gain, but everything to do with being happy with herself internally, developing quality products, and helping women find their beauty through her work as a makeup artist. She also finds joy in being a nursing educator to her nursing students. While Mel recognizes that confidence and money have sometimes been an obstacle in her journey, prayer has helped her get through these tough times. Mel suggests that when the journey becomes a bit unbearable, get lost in fairytale movies, allow yourself to go there, and get lost in the happiness.  It also helps to read other’s success stories, and how they are still able to succeed despite their own hardships. During the times Mel feels ungrateful, she is quickly reminded of how blessed she is when she provides care to her patients through her part-time nursing job. Mel credits God, her children, and a divorce for giving her the courage to begin achieving her goals as a makeup artist and product developer. Mel says that she gave so much to others, that once it was gone, she wondered why not give to herself.  Mel reminds herself and all of us to remember, “I can be. I will be. I am successful…and my success looks different than yours!”

Yes!! Everyone’s success is different. We challenge you to embrace your own success and not allow society or even social media to define what YOUR success looks like!

Be sure to check out Mel’s work and cosmetic line at www.melsmithmakeup.com.


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