Wardrobe Stylist And Brand Ambassador: D. Ni’Cole’s Take On “DREAMING MORE THAN ONE DREAM.”

Wardrobe Stylist And Brand Ambassador: D. Ni’Cole’s Take On “DREAMING MORE THAN ONE DREAM.”

One of the biggest task ShuEsq tries to conquer on a daily basis is creating awareness about our brand aka marketing! No, it is not the easiest, but we are learning. After shortly launching, we discovered a marketing opportunity to promote ShuEsq on who we believed to be one of Instagram’s hottest stylist sensations, D. Ni’Cole. Now, fast forward to another opportunity we took advantage of in August, “Cocktails with Claire” in Atlanta, which was founded by Fashion Bomb’s Daily, Claire Summers.  As we were preparing to display our products for the event, a styled and polished woman, who unbeknownst to us was D. Ni’Cole, begin to offer us stylish tips to make our vendor booth even more chic. Through conversation, we eventually connected the dots and recognized each other’s brand. Talk about things coming full circle!

But, it did not stop there. We also discovered she is yet another woman who is dreaming more than one dream!

Now, we are sure you are asking, “Who is D. Ni’Cole?”  D. Ni’Cole is a self-proclaimed Southern Belle from Mississippi who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Not only is she a lover of all things fashion, but she is also a wardrobe stylist and brand ambassador, with 72,000 Instagram followers!

D. Ni’Cole acknowledges that at times, people tend to box themselves in a particular industry or job without the possibilities of venturing off into something different, or more fulfilling. D. Ni’Cole holds that beautiful things arise when one “Dreams More Than One Dream” because they are allowing his or her mind to visit unknown places. D. Ni’Cole says that the universe has a way of giving us hidden gifts within our minds that support our God-given talents/gifts when it comes down to pursuing our passions and certain interests.

In high-school, D. Ni’Cole’s aspirations were to become a famous writer, and once she enrolled in college, she wanted to be an attorney. It was not until she was accepted into a graduate program when she realized she belonged in fashion. She believes her career aspirations may have been weird. However, she can attest that her previous aspirations work in her best interest as a style influencer and brand ambassador. Because of her prior interest in law, she enjoys the opportunity of working with her attorney on contracts between her and fashion companies. And as a blogger, she is able to use her gift of words to make fashion post sound “exciting and interesting.”

D. Ni'Cole’s ability to tie everything about/concerning fashion together allows her to stand out and results in continuous growth in numbers and influence to her fashion brand. All of these things are important for D. Ni’Cole because for her, life is too beautiful and amazing to live in a box. She says, “Just because I didn’t pursue that writing career or attend law school, doesn’t mean that those dreams are deferred. They’re simply aiding me in my true purpose.” ShuEsq loves this perspective!  Just because certain dreams or plans do not come into fruition the way we expected, does not mean it is not leading us to our true purpose!

However, it was not necessarily courage that led D. Ni’Cole to “Dream More Than One Dream,” but it was her believing that she did not have a choice.

Life has a way of letting you know when something is going to work and when something isn’t going to work. It’s up to you to be open to receive that kind of honesty without getting easily offended. When I say offended, I’m referencing people, their 'set' goals, and their set 'desired lives'. Because we as people can get so caught up in ourselves that we forget to serve one another. A dream serves as a confirmation of the heart. If your dream is to be a singer, you’re not singing for just yourself; you’re singing for a number of people, whether it’s one (1) person or millions of people.

ShuEsq seconds that opinion. ShuEsq believes dreams are not just for the individual dreaming the dream, but rather to inspire the person who has the same goals and/or ambitions as yourself.  D. Ni’Cole says she had to be completely honest with herself, and realize she would not be happy as an attorney. As a stylist, she is able to fully serve millions of women worldwide, while doing what she loves, and getting paid for it. Pretty awesome, huh?

Two of the biggest obstacles D. Ni’Cole has faced while dreaming multiple dreams is self-doubt and going broke.  D. Ni’Cole affirms that self-doubt comes when the unknown is heavy. Although she is a pretty optimistic person, she can be hard on herself for no reason at all. In her moments of feeling helpless, she remembers why she started. D. Ni’Cole gives leave that nothing about a dream is easy, and if it were, “there will be an unlimited amount of dream chasers out here getting it.” D. Ni’Cole cancels self-doubt with wisdom and knowledge given by God and faith in God. She reputes nothing is accomplished without those two. In the words of D. Ni’Cole, a person with a real gift and a BIG dream cannot possibly be full of doubt, because that is impossible.

As far as being financially broke, D. Ni’Cole says to remember, it is TEMPORARY. With any new venture, there is an infant stage that is tough because you are struggling to have a successful business. All of these traps are placed along the pathway, and you have to learn how to navigate through those traps and keep going. So what was her biggest takeaway from being broke?  Think like money in order to accumulate it! A dream requires you to think different. “You cannot have a 9-5 money mentality when your dream is 24/7. You have to be fully dedicated to your dream, even when the money is missing. You have to know that it won’t be missing for too long. Money chases a dream/passion/gift.”  ShuEsq can appreciate D. Ni’Cole’s transparency because the truth of the matter is that sometimes chasing your dream is not a fairytale. Life gets real, real fast.

But what about those of us who do not believe we can make it, or are downright tired of the struggle? D. Ni’Cole says to fight. Yes, it gets hard, but you owe it to yourself to be strong and to go at it every day. And if you think it is impossible, it is impossible; if you think it is possible, it is possible. She says, it honestly starts at a thought and then it produces to action.

Last but not least, D. Ni’Cole reminds us of Philippians 4:13- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Now that you have read some jewels of life, visit D. Ni’Cole’s site, http://www.stylebydnicole.net/,for styling tips and all things fashion!               


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