This Dreamer Turned Her Frustrations into more Dreams!

This Dreamer Turned Her Frustrations into more Dreams!

Today we’re talking money! Not really…but, we are talking to a woman who is dreaming more than one dream as a Tax Attorney, a financial blogger, and an Adjunct Professor! Her legal and financial commentary have also been featured in The Huffington Post, Pull Magazine, Urban Romance Online, and My Fab Finance. Talk about an amazing skill set to have!

So how does one birth all of these different dreams? Attorney Courtney Richardson says she started “Dreaming more than one Dream” out of pure frustration. Been frustrated? We surely have. She thought to herself, “There has to be something better than this [my current situation].” She was stifled by the routine and mundane work that she was doing as an attorney. She felt the need to write more creatively and she realized that she enjoyed answering her friends’ investment and retirement questions. So as an outlet (as real dreamers do) she birthed The Ivy Investor, a personal finance and investment blog. Courtney describes the starting of this blog as a breath of fresh air. And with that feeling came confirmation that she did the right thing.

Stepping out on faith to birth The Ivy Investor encouraged Courtney to try her hand as a professor. See Dreamers, one step is all it takes to live out multiple dreams. Once you get over that hump of “Just doing it”, no fear will be able to stop you. Courtney says, “Accomplishing small dreams gives you the courage to pursue bigger dreams. It’s like a snowball going downhill. You are picking up speed and gaining momentum”! Here, at ShuEsq we like to refer to following our dreams as something like a rollercoaster ride. Who doesn’t love the thrill?

But, some of us are scared of the thrill, right? Courtney simply says, “Believe in yourself…You have to go to bed literally and figuratively, with your decisions. We are all a ball of potential. Don’t waste it because of fear. Regret is a terrible feeling. Go for it! You might fall, but you might succeed”!

We like how Courtney put that! Every night when you lie down for bad ask yourself, “What decisions am I going to bed with tonight?”

If you don’t like the answer, make a pact to make some different decisions the following day!

And you know what Dreamers, in all honesty…you will fall! That’s the nature of life. Courtney is transparent with her obstacles stating that her fear materialized in other people’s ideas of what she should be doing, and her fear of failure. You know the little voice that asks us in our decision-making process, What if I get it wrong. But, Courtney reminds us to not stop the questioning there. Instead, ask What if I get it right?

And, we here at ShuEsq wholeheartedly believe that anything you keep working at, eventually you will get it right!

But, how do you get over the hump of doubt? Courtney says she listened to and read stories of successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs. Their stories helped Courtney think bigger, and more importantly she says, get out of her own way. Courtney also gives credit to her cheerleaders because she finally started believing them. When she could not find her own words of encouragement, she borrowed their words.

Now, cheerleaders may not come in droves, but there are at least one or two people who can remind you of the light they see in you. Keep those people close! You’re going to need them.

And do not be mistaken, Courtney also says that we should let the people go in our lives that do not support our dreams. Because, if a person does not support your dreams, then they do not support you!

However, Courtney does not discredit that our cheerleaders and supporters have to make adjustments for our lives too! Frequent and routine date nights with friends, family, and baes or boos turn into rainchecks. But, real cheerleaders understand the importance of you following your dreams!

So, if you’ve been frustrated lately AND maybe you cannot leave your current job, follow Courtney’s route and still find something you love that you can pursue after “work”. It will surely make life that much sweeter. And, a few cheerleaders along the way won’t hurt either! ;-)

Courtney leaves us with one final quote for motivation spoken by one of the great moguls of our time, Oprah Winfrey. Oprah says, "Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe."

Dreamers, what are you going to become? What vision will you create? What steps will you take to orchestrate this vision?

We’d really love to know!
And while you’re dreaming, don’t forget to get your finances in order and visit Courtney’s blog at


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