So We've Got a Thing for Attorneys...

So We've Got a Thing for Attorneys...

As you can probably tell by now, we’ve got a thing for Attorneys who are “Dreaming more than one Dream”. Not just because we ourselves are doing just that, but it’s just so unconventional. Society says once you become a lawyer, doctor, or [insert any other profession that takes years of education and preparation] then you are completely fulfilled. And, maybe you can be and maybe you are. But, to be fulfilled and still say “I want more” is a life experience that is truly special and inspirational. And, what’s even better is when we come across those attorneys who are dreaming what appear to be unconventional dreams. Dreams that are far from the legal field.

So, when we came across Jennifer Cornelius, we knew we had to share her story. See Jennifer is not only an attorney (as you’ve guessed by now), but she also has her own dance and fitness studio! To her, dreaming more than one dream is important because doing so prevents her from becoming complacent and settled. We agree…dreaming these multiple dreams definitely keeps us on our toes! See, Jennifer begin to fear that she would become caught up in the rat race. I.E. forever spinning her wheels in an effort to make life work. I think we all can agree that we have been there…and maybe we are still there.

But, now after following her multiple dreams, Jennifer has the balance of doing something she’s good at while allowing her analytical side to breath AND doing something she loves while also exposing others to that thing too. What a purpose! That’s a perfect description of how we feel at ShuEsq. The day involves a lot of brain and analytical work. But, coming home in the evenings and snuggling up with ShuEsq tasks is like a breath of fresh air EVEN though it’s still work!.

As the owner of Flex Point Dance Studio (in Stone Mountain, Georgia), Jennifer gets to empower women and help them on their journey to fitness. And, as an attorney she gets to help people who have been victimized and need a voice to speak up against the big insurance companies in court. We love how both of Jennifer’s dreams allow her to help others.

And, not only does Jennifer’s ability to provide service to others intertwine, but also her skills. Jennifer’s skills as an attorney definitely played their part in how swiftly she was able to establish Flex Point Dance Studio. She knew which avenues to take, what laws to follow, and if she didn’t know, she knew how to research it! Find a way or make a way Dreamers. In fact, because of her familiarity with the law, Flex Point was up and running in a matter of months! How amazing is that?!

But, even if your other dreams don’t come to fruition that fast…don’t fret!  Jennifer says,

You shouldn’t feel like a failure because you have several dreams that haven’t yet congealed into one solid reality. You’re allowed to meander a bit, allow your ultimate dreams to metamorphose as you learn more about yourself and what you ultimately desire from life. It also means that your dreams may never fully resolve into one, single dream—you can have multiple dreams—and that’s absolutely okay…Despite what society may suggest, you do not have to confine your life’s purpose to one, single path. It always all sounds easy of course, so we don’t ever want to miss the opportunity to talk about those OBSTACLES!  Jennifer’s largest obstacles in one word, have been “naysayers”. But instead, she has allowed them to be the thing that pushes her to success. She says “If you say I can’t do something, I will show you that I can. They are my (other) motivation, the first being my passion for dance and the people that Flex Point Dance Studio serves”. Nevertheless, regardless of any obstacles, you may be facing, Jennifer reminds us that no one can block our destiny, except for us! No one can kill our dreams, except for us. She says,

when it comes right down to it, YOU are the only thing standing in your way—your doubts, your fears, your negative thoughts all manifest into reality only when you give the too much energy. Instead, focus on what you can do. What you will do. Visualize it. See it. Reach for it, extend your arms a little further each day. Ask for help along the way (as you’ll surely need it), making sure you ignore the naysayers. But, the entire time, regardless of what challenges you may encounter, continue putting one foot in front of the other. You may backtrack, you might fall, slip—even fail. But, as long as you put more energy into what you want, your dogged determination, you are bound to succeed.

Now, that was a mouthful for all of us Dreamers to ponder on… But, don’t ponder too long Dreamers. Get out of your own way! Get to the point where Jennifer arrived at when she realized she could either take a leap of faith or stay forever on the side of the chasm she was already on. Jennifer says, “Nothing was to be gained by my refusal to make a move”. Make a move Dreamers, make a move! And, in the words of Jennifer’s favorite quote “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”—Katherine Hepburn So Dreamers, what moves are you going to make? And what societal rules are you going to disobey? We would love to hear your thoughts! **In the meantime, if you’re in the Georgia area check out Jennifer’s Flex Point Studio! She is giving our readers their first dance class for only $5.00! Head to and use code MYFIRSTCLASS. Make sure to come back and tell us how you enjoyed it!


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