M.Reese: Author, Attorney, and Political Advocate.

M.Reese: Author, Attorney, and Political Advocate.

Your gifts and dreams will make room for you.

This statement is what Reese grounds her definition of #DreamingMoreThanOneDream on.

We know you have multiple ideas swarming through your head, and the thing that may be stopping you is your self-talk that you just do not have enough time.

But, Reese does not have this particular negative self-talk. Instead, she considers the ideas swarming through her head as “God ideas” that she receives daily. She reminds us, “all that is good and perfect comes from the Lord”. Now that is great self-talk! Instead of thinking about the daunting tasks of managing all of the ideas in your head, think of them as good and perfect! When is the last time you passed up something that you believed to be good and perfect? We hope not ever. So, stop making the habit of doing that with your amazing ideas.

Surprisingly, Reese states that she receives these “God ideas” daily. Thankfully, she has the courage to put them into strategic plans to build great enterprises. And it is this thought process that allows Reese to #DreamMoreThanOneDream. She does not consider her daily “God ideas” as singular, but rather as a collection of intertwined ideas and goals that join together as an empire.

So just what kinds of dreams come from such a powerful thought process? Reese discusses that her first dream is a company that trains women entering the workforce, her second dream is a non-profit that serves young women by building their self-worth, and her third dream is an institute that trains corporations on how to empower women in their workforce.

And, throughout the rundown of Reese’s dreams, we haven’t even mentioned that she too is an attorney. True ShuESQ fashion. Her skills as an attorney have honed her skills in public speaking and listening, which have helped her to become a better public speaker and woman’s advocate. Reese explains that she takes the stories from the women she speaks to, and shares them as teaching tools when speaking to younger women.

Despite what pushes her forward, Reese admits that she is not without some negative self-talk. She says that she does experience fear that comes to her and says that she is not capable of having what she wants. However, in what is clearly true Reese fashion, she faces those fears face on by actually listening to (note: not ignoring) and dissecting them. When she hears “you are not capable" and “you should have accomplished more by now” she recognizes this as fear. However, she redefines fear and knows that these thoughts are just False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. And, by confronting her fear, Reese is then allowed to walk in courage and faith!

Reese wants us to remember that God did not give us a vision that we are not capable of bringing to fruition. Remember our mantra? These visions are “good and perfect”!

So, where does the problem come in? Reese believes that the problem lies in the fact that these visions usually require us to grow into someone greater than we currently are. And, we all know with growth comes growing pains. But, of course, Reese thinks of these growing pains as a good thing!

So what does she suggest you do RIGHT NOW?

Write down your goals as well as a list of what you don’t know and what you don’t think you have. Remember we want to acknowledge, not ignore our deficiencies. Next, pray that God begins to supply all of your needs on that list according to His riches in Glory. (PREACH Reese…don’t forget that last part yall!). Finally, Reese tells us to speak positive affirmations over our life and our business, such as words of success and prosperity every.single.morning!

This plan, especially the everyday reminder, is surely a way to keep us focused when those obstacles come. And, obstacles will come. Reese admits that she has found it difficult to stay focused on multiple dreams because at times there are way too many demands that are due at one time. But, she manages to get through with multiple To-Do lists for each dream.

We think we have got it down Reese…daily mantras for our mind and daily To-Do lists to promote action!

After you have spent some time TODAY going over these essential and daily tasks, take some time to visit Reese’s website http://www.babesintheworkplace.com/ and learn some more great practices on being a babe in the workplace.


B.A.B.E.S in the Workplace is an organization committed to strengthening America's workforce, one woman at a time. B.A.B.E.S mission is two-fold. First, to prepare the Beautiful, Ambitious, Brilliant, Entrepreneurs entering the workforce with the tools needed to navigate the pitfalls of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Second, the support and empowerment of Beautiful, Ambitious, Brilliant, Entrepreneurs in the workforce who've been mishandled, mislabeled, harassed, objectified, retaliated against, let go or cast aside as a result of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.


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