Lifestyle entrepreneur shows us what it means to Dream More Than One Dream

Lifestyle entrepreneur shows us what it means to Dream More Than One Dream

“The sky is the limit” and “if you can dream it, you can achieve it” are all sayings we have heard before. But, self-proclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur, Loud Pen has given a new insight on these popular phrases. Loud Pen recognizes that we live in a world that forces us to choose one goal or one career, and she believes this mindset has transcended into the entrepreneurial world. She believes entrepreneurs are often taught to find their niche and to discover the one thing that they do better than anyone else. And for those who have more than one skill or passion to develop, that mindset can cause them to feel very limited. Loud Pen believes that when one "dreams more than one dream” they are mastering the arts of organization, multitasking, and project management because it gives one the ability to be inspired and motivated.

Now, we are sure some of you are asking, what is a lifestyle entrepreneur? Well as Loud Pen would say, it is a fancy way to say she owns multiple lifestyle businesses.  Loud Pen is CEO of The Ink Spot, LP “ISLP”, which is a lifestyle production company that publishes books and magazines. ISLP also published Loud Pen’s book #MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger in 2015. She and her business partner, Cacha Lopez, are founders of the lifestyle marketing and public relations agency, 8515, that has developed events such as “The Breakfast Club,” “Mix n Mingle,” and “Flavors Night Out.”  She is also founder of the lifestyle club for millennial and multicultural professionals, Pennies and Pens. Pennies and Pens was created to help its members discover music, art, fashion, and food. Pennies and Pens recently hosted its first event at Dallas’ Northpark Mall’s AMC Movie Theater to see Hidden Figures. No wonder she believes that dreaming more than one dream is mastering the arts of organization, multitasking, and project management! Loud Pen has even developed her multiple businesses to work together. ISLP allows her to create and produce her own products, while she is able to market her products through her marketing and public relations agency 8515. Lastly, Pennies and Pens provides her with the opportunity to connect and build relationships with her ideal customer.

“All it takes to dream more than one dream is organization,” says Loud Pen. She attributes organization to one’s ability to manage as many projects as one may want. For instance, Loud Pen is currently writing four books, starting a print magazine, and maintaining her lifestyle businesses.  Once you figure how and when you like to work, Loud Pen says the next step is to execute. ShuEsq could not agree more, at some point you have to execute your plans. You cannot see progress without execution.

ShuEsq gives credit to Loud Pen for being transparent about not overcoming all of her current obstacles. Yes, she is the owner of multiple lifestyle businesses, but her ultimate goal is to have multiple streams of income and to be able to work from anywhere. Loud Pen admits that she is still learning how to manage her time, monetize her business, generate consistent income, dealing with naysayers, and determining who her target audience is. And if ShuEsq is honest, we too are struggling to find our target audience. While Loud Pen may not have overcome her current obstacles, she is learning how to manage her time by writing multiple to-do list and removing herself from social media while working, because as we all know social media is one of the biggest distractions! Considering the time it takes to read and respond to emails, Loud Pen also limits herself to checking her email to only two to three times a day. As far as learning to deal with her naysayers, she either seeks encouragement from friends and family, or writes in her journal. She also takes time for self-care by having a glass of wine (yassss!), watching a silly movie, or taking a long hot bubble bath (yasss again!).  She has also taken the time to learn more about her target audience through programs such as Quantcast and Google Analytics so that she is able to track who is visiting her websites. Additionally, she uses her social media accounts as a tool to learn more about her audience as she is able to click on the profiles of her followers and those who like her post.

On a final note, especially when it comes to naysayers, Loud Pen believes it is important to not listen to anyone who does not pay your bills. If they are not investing in your business/goals, or paying your personal bills, what they say does not matter. Because in essence, they are not helping you move forward with your business/goals. So it is best to listen to their “advice”, but keep it pushing. More importantly, Loud Pen believes you should never listen to anyone who does not have their own business or are not where you aspire to be because this person is speaking from theory and speculation rather than knowledge. In business, this is a recipe for disaster. And as she would tell her Pennies and Pens from her forthcoming book, The Loudest Pen Ever, “Tomorrow is a brand new day. But, yesterday isn’t.”  And Loud Pen says to remember, “The average millionaire has seven streams of income.”

To find out more about Loud Pen and her businesses visit their social media pages on Instagram: @loudpen, @8515agency, @penniesandpens, and @ISLPDTX.
Loud Pen’s book, #MakeUrPenLOUD:How to Be A Lifestyle Blogger can be purchased at
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