Independent Shoe Designer Aminah Abdul-Jillil

Independent Shoe Designer Aminah Abdul-Jillil

ShuEsq is about more than just shoes. ShuEsq is about rejecting societies view that we can only have one dream at a time. It is about finding ways to merge our dreams together in this one life we have to live. And in rejecting the majority view, ShuEsq is also very much about highlighting the independent shoe designers of the world. The shoe brands you may not see used in every major advertisement campaign.

ShuEsq is about taking a chance...

So in our very first blog, it makes the most sense that we highlight an independent shoe designer who is also “dreaming more than one dream”...Aminah Abdul-Jillil.


Aminah Abdul-Jillil lived out her childhood dream and begin as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, performing with some of the biggest names in the music industry including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. She has also appeared in numerous commercials and performed as lead character Crimson in Cirque du Soleil’s “BELIEVE”. And in 2012, Aminah Abdul-Jillil began living out another dream by launching her first collection of women’s shoes. With her notorious bow design, trust that you have seen her shoes on your favorite celebrity, featured in your favorite music video, or even on your favorite reality show. And, while her designs are often imitated, they are never properly duplicated.

So what does Aminah Abdul-Jillil have to say about “Dreaming more than one Dream”? Lucky for you, we asked!

Aminah Abdul-Jillil believes that “Dreaming more than one Dream” is simply about following what is in your heart with no limits. For Aminah she embodies the quality that once her mind is made up to do something, she just does it while feeling in her heart that nothing can stop her. Not to be mistaken, Aminah admits that there are millions of obstacles, but she just tries to bulldoze through them in order to find a way. As a professional dancer on tour with Britney Spears with a shoe manufacturer oversees, Aminah faced scheduling conflicts and the difficulties of being physically available for both. So what did Aminah do? She took a short leave in the second year from her show so that she could smooth out some of the operation issues she was having with her shoe production. Aminah’s advice is that you have to be willing to give everything you have and simply “Just go for it”!

ShuEsq could not agree more with Aminah. The limits we place on ourselves will prevent us from fulfilling the multitude of dreams. Even in our pursuit, we must not let the barriers prevent us from moving forward. As Aminah says, we must bulldoze through them! And, if we are not going to give it our all, we might as well not do it. By seemingly taking a leave in the second year of her show, Aminah had already proven herself worthy of taking a break. So we must remember that our pursuit of multiple dreams starts right now, even if we are only living out one dream today. Give it your all today, in case you have to rearrange some other things later.

Thanks Aminah!

Now, grab a pair of some of our favorite shoes from Aminah Abdul-Jillil’s collection right here at ShuEsq!


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