Independent Shoe Designer: Alejandra G

Independent Shoe Designer: Alejandra G

Have you ever thought about who your inner shoe designer would be? Or even how your favorite shoe designer would describe the ideal woman who they have in mind when developing their brand? Well, are you a woman who wants to be heard and stand out amongst the crowd? Would you describe yourself as powerful?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have just discovered your inner shoe designer, Alejandra G!

Alejandra describes her brand as the epitome of a powerful woman who is very confident, and wants to not just stand out, but also be heard.  “Alejandra G” represents who Alejandra is as a person- fun, unpredictable, energetic, and kind of crazy.   She is a Los Angeles native, whose designs have been worn by the likes of Janelle Monae, Tamar Braxton, Carrie Underwood, and Kylie Jenner just to name a few. Alejandra draws her inspiration from European runways, music, colors, and her life experiences.  So, if your soles desire daring styles and vibrant colors, Alejandra G is just for you!

Now that you’ve heard about the BRAND,let us tell you more about the powerful woman behind the brand, Alejandra!

Prior to becoming a shoe designer, Alejandra worked various jobs, but always knew her true calling was fashion. She believed shoes were the heart and soul to every woman’s outfit, and she credits her mentor with encouraging her to draw bold and brilliant sketches. She eventually attended Ars Sutoria in Milan, Italy, in order to perfect her craft. Ars Sutoria is one of the most prestigious and vigorous shoe design schools in the world, and her experience attending helped her start her business.

So, are there any shoe designers that Alejandra admires, or would love to collaborate with? Of course there are! Alejandra admits she admires so many shoe designers that it is hard for her to choose just one! But, Alejandra recognizes the challenges that lie within the fashion industry, and for this reason, she believes that any designer who has an impact in the fashion world is brilliant and should be commended. Can we all just take a note out of Alejandra’s book and commend any person who has an impact in their respective fields, no matter how big or small? Don’t you just love her?!?! Ok, back to Alejandra! Alejandra would love to collaborate with Brian Atwood or Giuseppe. Why, you ask? She admires their brands so much because these designers push beyond conventional boundaries, which is what Alejandra strives to do! Alejandra appreciates how unique and innovative Brian Atwood and Giuseppe are.  And if you know anything about the brand “Alejandra G”, it does just that!

We are pretty sure some of you are thinking after reading her story, “Wow! She must have it easy being able to recognize and pursue her passion.” Welp, that is not completely true. In fact, no one ever has it easy. There are always twists and turns when trying to accomplish your dreams. Alejandra’s biggest challenge arose when she started her brand, “Alejandra G,” because a lot of people had ideas as to what her brand should be. We are sure some of you have experienced this as everyone believes they have the perfect vision for you and your life. Now, how did Alejandra handle this obstacle? She stayed true to herself and her vision. Alejandra believed that God would not have given her the dream she was chasing if it was not possible for her to achieve.

So, do you aspire to become a shoe designer or know someone who does?

Guess what?!? Alejandra has advice for you! Yes, YOU!

Alejandra says, “Being a shoe designer is a constant uphill battle, and it can be very challenging at times. People will try to change you, but you should always stay true to your vision. Accept feedback, but don't get caught up in other people's ideas about how your business should be. I am just a regular girl who chased her dreams. Believe in yourself, find a good mentor, and have the perseverance to never give up!"

 For more information about Alejandra or her brand, Alejandra G, visit
And hey, one day soon, you will be able to purchase Alejandra G from yours truly!
Stay tuned!


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