Independent Designer: Who is Kendall Reynolds?

Independent Designer: Who is Kendall Reynolds?

“Small sins of passion get us where we need to go.” And CEO/Design Director of the luxury women’s footwear line, Kendall Miles, Kendall Reynolds’ passion for shoes is taking her places. But, who is Kendall Reynolds? For starters, she credits her forefathers, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roger Vivier, and Manolo Blahnik for giving her the confidence, motivation, and inspiration to fuel her passion.  Her humble beginnings began in Chicago’s Hyde Park where she recognized her love for shoes at a very young age. She remembers being fascinated by styles that entailed sculptural silhouettes and were made of sumptuous leather.  But, it was not until a break-up with her then boyfriend during her sophomore year in college that led her to channel her energy in to sketching shoe designs. Once her sketches developed into a women’s footwear collection, her mom began helping her start her own women’s footwear line.

So now that we have an idea of who Kendall Reynolds is, let’s talk about the brand, Kendall Miles Designs. When creating each collection, Kendall keeps in mind that her designs are works of art in their own right rather than mere accessories. She imagines the transformation that takes place when a woman slips into a much-longed for and utterly beautiful pair of shoes. After all, Kendall Miles Designs strives to empower women and allow women to express their innermost intentions and desires that aligns with the consumers’ personality traits. Kendall aspires to pattern her brand after her forefathers because their designs are not trend based, but are elegant and timeless. She believes her forefathers produce collections that have and will continue to stand the test of time.

A REAL dreamer knows that no dream happens without sacrifices and obstacles.  For Kendall, breaking into the shoe industry at the age of 21 has not come without its challenges. However, she does not take every rejection to heart. She continues to educate herself and even attended Ars Sutoria, the world-leading fashion school.   And although she has faced the obstacles of selling her brand through department stores and women’s boutiques, she was fortunate enough to secure a partnership and sell her footwear collection exclusively at Ikram Boutique in Chicago, Illinois. She also found ways to secure sales of her collection through pop-up shops and trunk shows. Additionally, she learned that true strength lies in one’s ability to work with a team because no one person can do it alone. She further believes it is important for young entrepreneurs to focus their energy on things they can build, instead of focusing on things that are beyond their control.

ShuEsq believes that Kendall’s story shows us that not only where there is a will there is a way, but most times, our disappointments are our transportation to fulfill those dreams we have secretly tucked away from ourselves.

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