Even when her health interfered, Beverly Beal shows us how #DreamingMoreThanOneDream is still possible!

We’ve mentioned that when asking a little kid what they want to be when they grow up, you might get multiple titles or ideas that seem a bit strange. Somewhere along our lives as we grow up, we start answering that question with what may appear to be more realistic answers. Usually, these realistic answers involve only one career path. But, Attorney Beverly Beal says that for her, she has always had more than one dream. She kept that childlike belief that far too many of us throw away due to society’s pressure to be more realistic.

And these are not just words. Beverly Beal is a New York Attorney who also runs the fashion and lifestyle blog LifeInBeverlyHeels.com. She also launched Loved Labels which is an online resale marketplace and Guilty Intimates which is a bralette line.

And not only is Beverly Beal proclaiming to live out her own dreams, but also her family’s dream. She states that she wants to be everything her mother dreamed of and more. Where does one get such “courage”? Beverly says she would not call it courage, but rather fear. The fear of “what if”. The fear of what if she did not go after all of her dreams. She admits that sometimes courage, unfortunately, does not come right away. Sometimes it comes after she gets started. Her push comes by way of fear of not ever knowing what could have happened if she never tried.

ShuEsq relates. As we moved through the process of founding ShuEsq and now as we prepare to open our first retail location (stay tuned), our steps to move forward did not just come from courage. But, also the fear of “what if”. We could not have imagined the opportunities we have had when we pushed through that fear. Opportunities ranging from participating in NYFW and meeting Steve Madden to name a few. What if we stopped at fear when we did not have the courage to move forward? Good thing we do not have to find out, and you do not have to find out what comes from stopping at fear either!

Beverly’s advice for fear is simple, “just start”! She reminds us that this is literally half the battle. We agree! And, even if you fail the first time you try, Beverly says anything is possible and to remember that we should always try again. Even in those failures at those initial attempts, Beverly says “never consider your mistakes as a loss, they are only lessons. Every loss gets you one step closer to your desired result”.

From Beverly’s decision to “just start” and her multiple dreams, she says that each dream has taught her something different. But, by far the most important things that her dreams have taught her is resilience and humility. She emphasizes that the “two skills alone have helped me through everything I’ve ever been faced with. I go after each dream with those two skills at the forefront of every plan”.

Beverly’s ultimate advice, “Can’t beat fear, do it scared!!!”

But, even with the mindset to “just start”, Beverly admits that her obstacles have been health. She discusses how we often get so busy trying to better our outward existence that we forget about self-care. Beverly was diagnosed with Chron’s disease right after graduating from Law School. This diagnosis forced her to put off the bar exam. And, as some of you may not know, the bar exam is held only twice per year. So, Beverly missed the July test and had to wait until February. But, even as she started to prepare for the bar exam, she would fall back into another flare and have to take time out for self-care. Beverly says, “I had to get my health fully on track and when the time was right, I finally took and passed the bar”!

Without a healthy mind and body, she reminds us that this makes going after your dreams that much harder. In order to even be prepared to “just start”, Beverly says we must take care of our actual physical self. ShuEsq might add, our mental self too!

Beverly manages physical and mental self-care by slowly, but surely removing all the negativity out of her life. She understands how negative energy has probably killed more dreams than we can count. Ridding of negative energy requires the elimination of people, things, habits, and etc. For Beverly, this elimination has been one of the most beneficial things she could have ever done for her dreams, and for herself!

So how does Beverly manage it all being an attorney, fashion and lifestyle blogger, owning other fashion companies, and staying healthy in light of her condition? Beverly says she breaks everything she is working on into small projects. When it comes to working full time, she only takes positions that allow her some wiggle room. I.e. having the option to make her own hours or allowing her to work from home. Having this flexibility, she uses all of her extra time to work on her blog and other two businesses. She emphasizes that she works on all of her projects every day, little by little, getting them done. During the week from 9pm – 5pm, she works as an attorney, then from about 6pm – 10pm, she is working on her other dreams. As for the weekend, all of her energy goes to her companies and to the little social life she says she has. 

No one said, “dreaming more than one dream” was easy. But, like Beverly you really have to take an inventory of your life and manage your time in order to be successful and get tasks done. The life of a multiple dreamer leaves little room for slacking. Every hour literally matters. But, do not be dismayed, you can do it! Because we are and as you can clearly see, Beverly is too!

You can learn more about Beverly’s ventures at Lifeinbeverlyheels.com


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