#DreamMoreThanOneDream: Award-winning Producer, unconventional Actress, talented musician, and a licensed Attorney

#DreamMoreThanOneDream: Award-winning Producer, unconventional Actress, talented musician, and a licensed Attorney

Sometimes it is just best to introduce a dreamer with her bio. Brace yourself, as we also had to when speaking with Angel Jackson…

“Angel Jackson is an Award-winning Producer, unconventional Actress, talented musician, and a licensed Attorney. Raised in Baxley, GA, her quest for the bright lights started at the age of seven with piano lessons, pageants, and partaking in theatrical productions. Later she performed in bigger theaters, huge audiences, and also competed in various pageants, including the Miss America and Miss USA pageants in Florida and Georgia, winning various titles. Needless to say, she is no stranger to the stage, camera, or huge audiences. She has been seen on TvOne, starred in multiple films, commercials, and theatrical productions. In addition, she has produced multiple short films winning her multiple awards including top women filmmakers and Best Short Film Awards.

Angel's stunning looks are also matched by her incredible academic achievements. Being an overachiever, Angel has not one, not two, but three degrees: a BBA in Accounting, with honors; a Juris Doctorate in law; and an LL.M. in Entertainment Law. Because of her love for the entertainment industry, Angel has engaged in the business, both in front and behind the camera. This ultimately led Angel to form a production company, Dynamic Squad Productions LLC, which allows her the creativity to develop and produce projects. Overall, Angel is the owner of three companies and is full of invaluable knowledge as a business woman, attorney, writer, producer, and actress”.

Catch your breath dreamers! We know that was a lot to take in. But, we are just reading it. Angel is actually living it! If you did not just get inspired by reading her bio alone, then we do not know what to tell you!

But, what we can tell those of you who are still with us, is that Angel advises us to remove the word “CAN’T” from our vocabulary. She says, “If God gave you multiple gifts, he expects you to put them to work. If not, He would have only given you one because he knew that’s all you could handle.” And, because you are still here with us, we know you can handle it. Make sure you are not wasting the gifts God gave you Dreamers.

When reflecting on these gifts, Angel discusses that her go-to example is always King David. She reminds us that not only was he a King, but he was very multitalented as a valiant soldier, great military strategist, administrator, composer, and musician, amongst other talents. Angel asks, “Just think, if he would have limited himself to only a musician, would we have had a King”?  Whoa now! Let this be a moment for us to reflect on the fact that our multiple dreams are leading us to the ultimate ONE. And if we stopped at dream two or three, we have no way of reaching our full and magnificent potential.

And ultimately all these dreams can work together. Angel says that her role as an attorney has definitely helped her in her acting career, both financially and intellectually. Because of her education, she is not only able to star in her own films, she also has the legal and business background to handle ALL aspects of her film and negotiations. Thus, she does not have to hire an attorney because she fully understands all the legal terms involved. Not only this, but also because of her curious mind, she has learned every aspect of filmmaking, from editing to graphic design. Angel says that because her dreams are intertwined, it offers her an incredible feeling that makes her feel like she is not wasting any of her talents.

Sounds good, but we know it is not easy. Angel is the first to admit that it gets not just hard, but super hard and very discouraging when you are giving your all, only to have people tell you that you cannot do something. She simply says, “ignore people”.

And, Angel is speaking from true experience. People have told her that there is NO WAY she would be able to be an attorney and an actress. And, not just any people, but people who themselves have reached their own great goals in life. When she was in law school, a professor told her this very thing. Yet while she was in law school, she was still doing theater. Thus, proving that she could do both. The discouragement did not just stop there! Once Angel moved to Atlanta, she was applying for an entertainment law internship with a firm, whose owner was very discouraging. The owner told Angel the very thing her law school professor told her. Yet again, years later Angel has appeared on national television, in commercials, produced her own films, won awards, as well as actively practiced law working at law firms, and even having her own solo law practice. Angel reminds us, “where there is a will there is a way”.

And, maybe it is possible that these more established people just could not see the world Angel saw. The millennial and younger generations are often accused of not living in reality. But, our reality is different. Angel says we have to recognize the difference in times and that things are not as they were 20 years ago. Regardless, the people around you do not have to understand your journey. Although Angel certainly is not living a simple life, her secret is simple…put in work AND pray! By doing this, Angel is able to overcome any negativity. She reminds us though that faith is not a feeling, it is a choice to trust GOD even when the road seems uncertain! Dreamers, uncertainty can birth some major dreams. GO. THAT. ROUTE.

But, while on this route of uncertainty, Angel reminds us of what we should be certain of. She says,

Make your own identity, fulfill all your desires, and remember you make your own happiness. You often forget that it is your own choice how you want to spend the rest of your life.  Don’t let others define you or put you in a box.  If you want to succeed you have to set your own standards of success. Be somebody nobody thought you could be. Keep in mind, to give up is super easy. To keep going is super hard. Don’t give up. It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible. As Oprah Winfrey says, "Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do".

Angel leaves us with one of the most important reflections that ShuEsq believes we should focus on…when we stand before God at the end of our journey, we hope to not have a single bit of talent left and can say, “Lord, I used everything you gave me”.

So Dreamers, are you using everything God gave you? Let us know how you are going to try to do better about using your gifts TODAY, because TOMORROW is not promised. Email us at dreaming@shuesq.com!


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