#DreamingMoreThanOneDream is “More Than Pretty”: Attorney Kandice Guice

#DreamingMoreThanOneDream may appear to outsiders as a person “being all over the place.” But, Attorney Kandice Guice reminds us that we are allowed to be multidimensional. I.E. stockbrokers who double as stylists or attorneys who double as makeup artists.

Kandice’s multiple dream choice is centered around closing multimillion dollar commercial transactions for a fortune 500 company during the day and running kandiceguice.com, a lifestyle + beauty blog in her spare time. Kandice also launched the #MoreThanPrettyCampaign, which is a motivational hub dedicated to shifting the world’s perspective on female leadership. Outside of these ventures, Kandice says she receives pleasure out of being the wife of an amazing man who exceeded the expectations she wrote out for her spouse years before their first date.

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As Kandice #DreamsMoreThanOneDream she emphasizes that everything she does ties back to her goal to motivate and inspire women to not only look, but also feel their best. By living out all of her dreams, she feels that she is creating a legacy her grandmother, mother, and future children will be proud of. She says, “I’m disproving the belief that we have to settle or box ourselves in. I’m working every day to be a testament that we can be every woman if we choose to be.”

ShuEsq reflects on the “if” in Kandice’s statement. These multiple dreams do not just begin automatically.  “If” you don’t choose, then you don’t live out your dreams.

And, as Kanye’s comments earlier this summer caused multiple waves of discourse on choices, we know that in some instances it is not as easy as simply making a choice to act. One of the ingredients necessary to make a choice, is courage. Kandice says her courage comes from always being surrounded by strong women who left her with little excuse not to achieve every dream that she has for herself.

Hopefully, you too have people surrounding you who do not allow you to make excuses to not follow your dreams. Your circle is essential to making the right choices.

Kandice reminisces on her grandmother encouraging her to never take no for an answer. Kandice’s grandmother instills in her that she can have anything, she is willing to work for. Kandice’s mom? She exclaims, “equally phenomenal”!

Kandice recalls her mother relocating after divorcing Kandice’s father and taking a job as a cafeteria woman at a local hospital to make ends meet. Seeing her mother evolve from that position to Assistant Vice President of a bank, Founder of a non-profit organization, and all-around entrepreneur is still astounding to Kandice. Us too!

Seeing the women in Kandice’s life leave little room for excuse, is what has made it difficult for her to make excuses. Especially when Kandice admits that she started off better situated than they were. She says, “they had every reason to quit, but they didn’t. Neither can I.”

And Kandice’s will to succeed is what pushed her beyond the impossible thinkers and naysayers. See Kandice was advised to not even go to law school because of her undergrad GPA being “too low”. She was told that she would grow up broken because her parents got a divorce. She heard certain firms would never give her a shot because of the color of her skin. Yet, look at her now! Defying all of these assumptions.

However, let’s not be mistaken that following your dreams is simply a matter of having the courage to make the choice. As Kandice reminds us, “nothing worth having comes easy, but you do a disservice to yourself by failing to live life to its fullest potential. You owe it to yourself to see what happens if you refuse to quit. Take the limits off. Nothing is impossible.”

And even in choosing to #DreamMoreThanOneDream, Kandice is careful not to give a false perception that it is always sexy or glamorous. Simply put, “It’s not!”. It’s definitely about being #MoreThanPretty. Her biggest obstacle has been finding a way to manage it all, without neglecting crucial parts of her life.

So, what is Kandice’s formula?

Time management! Kandice says she is very big on giving every minute a purpose.

“Being great requires sacrifice. I have to schedule a time to talk to my friends and catch up on my shows because I have a 9-5 after my 9-5. I work hard to be intentional about keeping the main thing the main thing by developing a game plan for achieving my goals and leaning on my accountability partners to keep me in check when I’m slacking. “

Her final words of advice, “Be great. The only thing stopping you, is you!”


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