Dreaming More Than One Dream: Queen Boss Terina McKinney.

Dreaming More Than One Dream: Queen Boss Terina McKinney.

Our pursuit of #DreamingMoreThanOneDream does not have to end at our careers, business, or with entrepreneurship. Just take it from Terina Nicole, who despite being a designer, founder of Jypsea Leathergoods, and author, her multiple dreams include having ultimate goals or dreams in other segments of her life. Specifically, Terina states that her #DreamMoreThanOneDream life also includes a  family dream and a lifestyle dream.

And, since ShuEsq is all about finding out about how people are actually living out their dreams, it is important to note that Terina’s dreams are not just goals, but a fact of her life. In addition to following her career dreams, her dream to become a mother came true 12.5 years ago. Terina also has future dreams of traveling more or living in exotic locales, as well as dreams for her daughter’s education and other opportunities that will be obtained for her. ShuEsq is all about dreams that extend to benefit others! We sell hawt shoes, but we also seek to inspire others with our blogs. Where do you shop that does that?

ShuEsq realizes that having multiple dreams, and especially in different segments of life, takes courage. And sometimes we do not know where that courage comes from. Terina in all of her awesomeness is no different because she feels she was forced to find her courage. At one point, she was trying to fit the cookie cutter mold of working in corporate America and experiencing downsizing, so she knew that depending on “good job” to feed her family would be the wrong move. She believed in her abilities and anytime she did not know something, she took a class or a workshop to learn what she did not know. And, constantly increasing her knowledge is what has made her feel capable of accomplishing any of her dreams.

Sometimes we are forced into our dreams. Don’t push back dreamers. But instead, equip yourself with the necessary tools to step into your purpose. Don’t wait on the courage…push through and it will come!
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