Dreaming More Than One Dream...LaKeisha Carey

Dreaming More Than One Dream...LaKeisha Carey

It’s no secret that ShuEsq was produced by faith. It is our faith in God that allowed our vision to come into fruition.  So it’s only right that our next post features a woman who is truly after God’s own heart, Mrs. LaKeisha Carey. The Louisiana native is not only an Attorney, but also the author of the children’s book, “CANKEYO: You Can Keep Your Dreams Alive”, and President of DCIM: Don Carey International Ministries, which was founded by her husband, Don Carey.  Whoo, talk about dreaming more than one dream!

For LaKeisha, “Dream More Than One Dream,” means to not limit yourself, nor place your purpose in a box. Well, how about that? We love the thought of not placing our purpose in a box! LaKeisha also believes it means to never stop dreaming even if you have accomplished one dream. ShuEsq couldn’t agree more. We know that at times, it can be so easy to become complacent in life that we at times forget about the many dreams that ignite our fire. So the question becomes, what sets your soul on fire? What dreams have you tucked away? It may be time to remind yourself of those dreams.

LaKeisha’s journey of dreaming more than one dream began when she became a licensed attorney.  Soon after, she became an author. Surprisingly, LaKeisha never thought she would become an author. She credits God for opening this door and making this opportunity possible. Coincidentally, we never thought we would have the opportunity to own a women’s shoe store nor did we imagine meeting the people we have met along the way. But, we know that it is God who has and will continue to open doors as ShuEsq grows as a company.

More importantly, LaKeisha did not allow her dream of becoming an attorney and author forsake her dreams of getting married and having children.  It is LaKeisha’s belief that her role as a wife and a mother provides her with the opportunity to balance her professional and family life, which essentially helps her keep her dreams alive. In all honesty, this perspective will definitely provide “food for thought.” Have you thought about what helps keep your dreams alive?  We challenge you to find what encourages you to continue to keep your dreams alive.

LaKeisha attributes her fearlessness to “dream more than one dream” to her support system, her relationship with God, and her desire to please Him. LaKeisha takes a firm stance on her ability to “dream more than one dream” because at times the quest to fulfilling your dreams does not always happen the way we envision it. However, when we “dream more than one dream”, we have the capacity to keep living, dreaming, and can strive to accomplish tremendous things. If ShuEsq can be candid for a moment, the journey to launching ShuEsq was definitely not how we envisioned it when we birthed the idea. It was the success we experienced in accomplishing our dreams of becoming attorneys that gave us the inspiration and motivation to keep going in spite of the obstacles we faced, and still face today.

Like everyone else, LaKeisha has faced her own set of obstacles while pursuing her multiple dreams. At times she perceived herself as a failure when one dream did not materialize, but she did not allow what appeared to be a failure inhibit her to dream. Her inability to prioritize has been an obstacle, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, she takes the initiative and creates a to-do-list to help manage her focus and balance her tasks. Ultimately, when her dreams did not emerge in her timing, she had to learn to be patient, trust God’s timing, and believe that He will lead and guide her in His timing. Can we get an Amen? Amen!

What’s her advice to us as we aspire to “dream more than one dream”?

C-A-N-K-E-Y-O: You Can Keep Your Dreams Alive! Remember to recognize there is a purpose in you. God made us multifaceted, and we are not limited to one arena. For example, I dream about heaven and it’s a place I desire to see, so it is important for my life to line up with Christ in order for heaven to become my reality.”

On that note, and although it may be cliché, what are you doing today so that your dreams can one day be YOUR REALITY?

For more information on LaKeisha’s children’s book “CANKEYO” and her ministry with her husband, visit www.dcimin.org .



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