Dreaming More Than One Dream: Kian is rejecting the idea that we must leave our day job to fulfill our entrepreneurial desires!

Dreaming More Than One Dream: Kian is rejecting the idea that we must leave our day job to fulfill our entrepreneurial desires!

Often times as we scroll through the numerous blogs across the internet, the discussion is generally always surrounding how to build your small business in order to leave your “main job.” But, “Dreaming more than one Dream,” is not necessarily in line with the plan to leave one opportunity for another, if you have a passion for both. So, when we talked to the Editorial Director of Forty Magazine who is also an employee of the most-LUVed companies in the world, we knew we were talking to someone who got “it.”

Kian Hervey asks, why should we live in a world of either/or? See Kian’s plans are not to leave her corporate career to work full time for her magazine. She says right now her dreams are to take Forty Magazine to the next level AND to grow in her career. It is important for her to do both, so that others like her, feeling conflicted about having a corporate vs. entrepreneurial life, can see that when you are being truthful about your dreams and goals, you don’t have to compromise one for other.

Dreamers we really have to shift the conversation concerning our dreams and goals from living a life that only includes one dream at a time. Kian is proof that we can continue to work hard at multiple dreams without the thought that one day we have to leave one for the other.

So how does her corporate career benefit Kian in her role with Forty Magazine? Kian’s job with the airline deals with the electronic distribution of documents. She states this work has been a huge help to her in terms of thinking about how people read information and keeping up with her technical skills.

Kian’s advice to those who believe a life of multiple dreams is not possible is to walk in the footsteps of others who can help you move in the right direction. Following in the footsteps of others can eventually get you started on your own path. She continues, “find someone who pushed the limit you think you’re up against and emulate their path.” And, that’s what we here at ShuEsq hope we are doing with our blog covering women who are dreaming more than one dream. These women have offered a wide range of advice on how we don’t have to sacrifice one dream for another.

So, ladies get started on your path and don’t let yourself be your biggest obstacle. Kian admits that she sometimes feels overwhelmed by the amount of work required to build her dream and feels like giving up. But, she always finds a way to refocus and find the motivation to keep pushing. Kian says she keeps little reminders all around her “to keep me humbled and hungry for more.” Her final piece of advice to dreamers is to tap into their spiritual gifts. She says, “When you follow what you’re called to do, the confidence, motivation, and means will follow.”

So dreamers, Stay humbled & Stay hungry.

And, while you’re at it make sure you are rejecting the discourse that we have to leave one dream in order to be successful at another!


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