Dreaming More Than One Dream: Find out how Lyndsey handled her "downtime"...

Dreaming More Than One Dream: Find out how Lyndsey handled her

So you’ve been reading the ShuEsq blog and you “hear” our repetitive messages about “Dreaming more than one Dream”. And you’re thinking to yourself, “This all sounds good, but I am facing obstacles getting through my initial dream”. Pursuing a second (third, fourth, or fifth) dream does not always necessarily mean that dream #1 is solid and progressing. Instead of getting down, these very struggles may be the reflection time you need to work on your other dreams. When thinking about this stage of life that some of you may be in, we thought no one better than Mrs. Lyndsey Hogue’s story to share.

Lyndsey is a nurse, owns her own personal fitness/training studio (MELT), and she is in healthcare management. Lyndsey’s various roles in healthcare allow her to understand the industry from the bottom to the top. She understands the importance of relating to people on various levels because she gains their trust and she gains credibility. But, when asking Lyndsey what multiple dreams she is dreaming, she does not instantly go to her professional titles. Her response is, “I am dreaming more than one dream by using my gifts and talents God gave me to Love people, mostly strangers and aid them in living a healthier life”. A not so little secret to the successfulness of living your dreams is that it's never really about YOU. Clearly, Lyndsey knows this and her progression in life is a testament to such.

Sounds like Lyndsey has all the answers right? And, you’re thinking about how we told you we were discussing obstacles.

Well thankfully, Lyndsey has no problem being transparent about her trials and tribulations. While Lyndsey has no issue admitting that she has faced many obstacles, the one that sticks out to her the most was when she felt she had a racist professor who failed her. At this point in Lyndsey’s education, she was on her third degree after already having obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree. So clearly she was capable. She knew she wanted to be a nurse and she knew she had what it took to be one. However, this particularly professor gave Lyndsey an undeserving F! Even with a high GPA, making an F meant getting a dismissal from her program. And not only did this professor give her an F, but she also told her, “You are better off in administration…leave the nursing to those who can do it.”

But, in the words of Mrs. Hogue herself, “Everything you believe about yourself is true. Believe those things that bring you to life.”

Despite the extremely harsh words from a professor, Lyndsey did not go down without a fight. She appealed the grade and sued the school. Unfortunately, nothing happened. Often times we may find ourselves still in unfavorable situations even after trying everything that we could…even after doing nothing wrong. But, not only did Lyndsey have her “Dream” ripped from her, she also had a relationship end during the time she needed that person the most. And where do these situations leave us? Sometimes just like Lyndsey…mad and asking God where was HE in all of this? As Lyndsey would come to better understand, God is always there/here/everywhere.

Now being kicked out of school and with no money, Lyndsey started her first boot camp. And guess what? She made more money that summer than she ever did working for a full year. Dreamers, we can wallow in our misfortune and tribulations, or we can find the God in our situation and take advantage of those other dreams we may have placed on the backburner. Choose the latter, and you'll eventually find yourself like Lyndsey, in amazement, and in awe. OH, and about that guy who showed his true colors and failed to be there for Lyndsey during her most depressing time, he too left because he was supposed to. Lyndsey met a man that later became her husband, and the day after saying “I do”, she received a call from another school stating she could finish her nursing degree! WOW! Talk about a turn of events.

But, it doesn’t even end there! What should have taken Lyndsey another four years to finish her nursing degree, took her only ten months and she still graduated on time! So, in retrospect Lyndsey knew where God was. Not only was God there, but He made it so much better than she could have ever imagined. The setback allowed her to now have 1) her own fitness studio to do what she loves whenever and however she wants, 2) a nursing degree to practice, and 3) a husband who she knows will support her when things get rough. Her setback was not a setback at all. It was in fact transportation to a better destination.

So now what comes to Lyndsey’s mind when thinking about what “Dream more than One Dream” means…

Who says I can’t? Who says I can’t have more than one passion and be effective in all of them? Who are you to tell me I can’t dream bigger than what society thinks is normal? I feel that often times people say “pick one thing and stick to it.” That may be true if you’re one dimensional but it’s detrimental to say that to a multifaceted person. We need more people who have the guts to dream more than one dream.

 Dreamers, ask yourself those questions and then understand that none of us are one dimensional regardless of anything in society telling us otherwise. Have the guts and get to going! There are dreams waiting to be materialized, it just takes courage.

Can we do everything though? Well, maybe not EVERYTHING. Lyndsey admits she always thought she could save the world. As she has grown, she knows that she cannot. Only God can. But, what she can do is use the gifts He gave her to reach people in the unique ways her multiple dreams allow her to. She can help someone not get Diabetes prematurely if she can catch them in time at her fitness studio and show them foods that will help prevent them from acquiring the disease. If she doesn’t catch them there, she can have the chance to catch them at the bedside while administering medication as a nurse. And even if she cannot catch them at either of these points, she can still work with them and their insurance companies to find out what the best alternative is so they can live an adequate and fulfilled life. But most of all, Lyndsey says she can help save people by introducing them to Jesus Christ in any one of these avenues. That is what gives Lyndsey the courage to live more than one dream. Knowing that His hand is on her life and thus she knows that she cannot fail!

With so many good nuggets we pulled from Lyndsey’s interview, what was her ultimate advice?

You are what you think.  You are what you say. You are what you hear. If you allow certain things to crowd your mind or if you’re always around people that think really small, eventually you will start to think that way too. My advice is to surround yourself around those you admire. Those who are doing it. Those who are living it. For example, my clients who lose weight and their friends who choose to stay the same and get bigger usually don’t stay friends for too much longer. They find other people who are on the same journey they are on. You have to be willing to do the things you’ve never done to reach the dreams that are in your heart.

Dreamers, living multiple dreams definitely requires some lifestyle changes. And, sometimes that can be in the form of letting people go who are pulling you back. Regardless of anything, you have got to keep pushing…your dreams and destiny await!

 To learn more about Lyndsey's fitness studio, please visit www.meltfitlife.com/


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