Dr. Kre on Balancing the “Working Wife Life” while Dreaming More Than One Dream

As fancy and accomplished as “Board Certified Family Medicine Physician” sounds (and is), Dr. Ankrehah Trimble Johnson (aka Dr. Kre) emphasizes that she specializes in helping overwhelmed and overworked working wives obtain balance in their everyday lives. Through public speaking, one on one coaching, Facebook live shows, and her bestselling book 10 Commandments of the Working Wife, Dr. Kre helps working wives live lives that are less stressful. This is important to Dr. Kre because she understands that when wives and moms are less stressed everyone’s lives are BETTER!

As a Family Medicine physician, Dr. Kre has the privilege to take care of many working wives who tend to have the Super Woman Complex. A complex that results in women spreading themselves way too thin doing too much for everyone else and not enough for themselves. Although this complex starts in the mind, as a physician, Dr. Kre sees how this complex makes women physically sick.

With an emphasis on working wives, Dr. Kre arrived here because of her own rough adjustment of getting married just 15 days or so after starting her own business. She had to find ways to balance her own growing career and growing family. After finding there is truly an art to balancing the “working wife life”, Dr. Kre knew that all of the knowledge she gained HAD to be shared with other wives.

Dreamers, how are you using your past or current struggles to birth other dreams that will ultimately help others?

And although Dr. Kre sees the problem with the Super Woman complex, she recognizes that it is still possible to follow more than one venture at a time. Her advice is to “just start a dream and keep working at it. Remember delay does not mean denial.”

It is clear that although a physician, Dr. Kre sees #DreamingMoreThanOneDream as the refusal to limit herself to JUST her profession. She says, “I am free to progress in my progression and further live out my purpose outside of medicine.”

While free to live out her purpose, Dr. Kre talks about how her obstacles surround letting her current clients know that she is not neglecting them by expanding her reach. She does this through reassurance and consistency.

Dr. Kre overcoming obstacles is found in her being voted as one of the Top Doctors in Medicine and Top Women in Medicine. And not to be forgotten, but also as a dedicated wife and number one fan of Jay + an awesome mommy to Zoe Grace.

Dr. Kre manages her #DreamMoreThanOneDream life by keeping a strict schedule and keeping her schedules for her different dreams separate. Specifically, she sees patients Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and coaches wives virtually on Fridays and Sundays. All in all, regardless of any schedule, she stresses that she is first a wife and mom. “I choose them FIRST even if that means saying no and rescheduling. You only get one childhood with your kids and hopefully one marriage. I choose my family first!” says Dr. Kre.

Overall, Dr. Kre is living out what she counsels her patients on…make sure your career does not overshadow your husband, brilliant kids, or home life!

You can learn more about Dr. Kre directly on her site here.


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