Do you believe you can Dream More Than One Dream?

If you have been following our journey, you know we recently opened ShuEsq., The mini Shoe Bar inside of Grow Desoto’s Marketplace in Desoto, TX. While we are thrilled to begin a new journey within ShuEsq, we could not help but to also be thrilled to see other women “Dreaming More Than One Dream” too.  One of those women is Morgan McGee. Morgan is an AP Calculus/IB Math SL teacher and co-owns Peace.Love.&Eatz with her husband, James McGee. Peace.Love.Eatz is a vegan spot that offers smoothies, acai bowls, and vegan tacos. But, one of the things that also stuck out is that she was daring to do something different and going against the grain of what society believes.

Specifically, one of the biggest obstacles Morgan had to overcome while opening Peace.Love.Eatz was trying to obtain capital for their vegan restaurant that they wanted to open in Desoto. For those of you who are not familiar with Desoto, Desoto is a predominantly black suburb within Dallas County, but also one of the top ten affluent black suburbs in the whole nation. Morgan expresses that her and her husband would often hear, “black people don’t want to eat healthy. That’s why there are so many fast food places in Desoto. You don’t want to be the only healthy place. You should open your restaurant in the northern areas of Dallas.”

However, looking at the support their business has received since opening, we think it is safe to say, the naysayers were wrong.  In fact, Morgan says that she and her husband both decided to stick to their purpose of serving an underserviced community with healthier options because she believes that if you surround a person with unhealthy options, they will probably eat unhealthily, but if you surround them with healthier options, they will probably eat healthier.

Morgan and her husband overcame the obstacle of securing capital for their business by saving a little from their paychecks each month, and eventually both Morgan and her husband were able to purchase their business equipment and business permits. Take note dreamers, making saving goals is imperative to launching or rolling out new aspects of your business.

“You can’t limit yourself. If there is something you want to accomplish you deserve to make your dream come true” Morgan says. We have to ask; do you believe you deserve to make your dreams come true? Morgan reminds us to not limit ourselves if we want to Dream More Than One Dream because there are so many things in the world that will try to stop us from actively pursuing our goals, and we need to combat those limits.  For Morgan, Dreaming More Than One Dream was necessary because she has a passion for both math and food.  Morgan also recognized that teachers have a special opportunity during the summer to take on a new adventure, and her adventure happens to be the first vegan restaurant in Desoto. How are you taking advantage of the extra time in your life?

On a final note, Morgan leaves us with the quote, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t,YOU’RE RIGHT!” So Dreamers, do you believe you can?


Be sure to visit both our Mini Shoe Bar and Peace.Love.&Eatz. inside of Grow Desoto’s Marketplace located at 324 E. Beltline Rd in Desoto. You will see us both as soon as you walk-in!


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