Do Like Lauren Did & Own It! #DreamMoreThanOneDream

Do Like Lauren Did & Own It! #DreamMoreThanOneDream

Although society tells us to focus on one dream, you know deep down inside that you have several interests and passions. It just comes with the territory of being a human being. As we know, we are multi-faceted! So, what might be the first step you need to do in order to move in the direction of pursuing these multiple dreams?

Do like Lauren did and OWN IT! Yes, stop pushing your thoughts and ideas to the back of your mind because you are doing something else at the moment.

And Lauren Simpson knows a thing or two (or three, or four, or five) about owning it. See Lauren pursues several passions in communications, mentors through her own mentoring organization Adjust Your Crown Mentoring, pursued more education by recently graduating with a Doctorate degree in Education Leadership, and she even includes a splash of event management and Fashion into her Dream filled life!

Why so much you ask? See Lauren reminds us that we only get one life to live, so why not live our life to the fullest? She reminds us that our dreams can leave a legacy long after we are gone or for generations to come. Who does not want to be remembered and continue to inspire long after we are gone? We often think of death in the negative connotation. But, why are we not afraid to let our dreams die? Let’s start being more afraid of our dreams dying because they can last a lot longer than our human bodies. Someone else can continue to carry out our dreams long after we are gone.

And after you OWN IT, like Lauren says you must have the DEDICATION to keep yourself going with FINISHING your goals.

How does Lauren do it?

She manages her time wisely and prioritizes her dreams. Yes, all of our dreams, unfortunately, may not get equal time. Right now, we cannot spend two hours being attorneys and ten hours working on ShuEsq. That may change later, but right now our priority rest with the law!

Lauren started her mentoring organization in February 2016 (Same time as the launch of ShuEsq, hey now!) because God gave her the vision, which she says was bright and a cause that was needed. BUT, despite the vision, Lauren was in the dissertation phase of her Doctorate degree. She did not let this postpone her vision, though. In the meantime, she built up her social media, wrote blogs, filmed vlogs, and had discussions. Then as soon as she completed her degree by successfully defending her dissertation, she was able to put more time into her organization by planning her first in-person workshop in her very hometown. We can’t forget about home!

Following multiple dreams and prioritizing is a process. A process that as we have said time and time again does not come without obstacles.

Lauren admits though that her obstacles get in the way of her dreams when things do not go as she planned. Something that she has a really hard time with. As a big planner, when things go differently she admits that she used to get worked up. We at ShuEsq understand…imagine spending almost two years preparing for a launch and paying a designer thousands of dollars to design your site..only for the launch to happen and the website not to cooperate? Can we say annoyed??!!

For Lauren, her big obstacle was with getting her Doctorate degree and successfully passing her comp exam the first time in February 2015 (hey now first time exam passers!). But even though she was successful, she admits that she slacked the whole Summer after being busy going on trips and having fun in the sun. Thus, her dissertation suffered. Suddenly, Lauren wanted to get serious the week of Christmas 2015, so she started focusing on writing the chapter 2 out of 5 total chapters. But, if she actually wanted to reach her goal and participate in the only graduation ceremony in 2016, she knew she would have to focus. Lauren says she had to constantly wait for someone else to review her chapters before moving on to various review boards. Each review could take between two weeks and up to 30 days! Talk about delay...the whole process was driving her crazy! It reached a point that she just knew she would be unable to complete the process within the time left. She admits, she cried and gave up. Telling her dissertation chair that she would just take pictures whenever she finished and she wouldn’t even walk.

But, how many times have we heard that sometimes it’s at the very moment that we give up, that something in the atmosphere shifts in our favor?

Lauren’s case is no different. The very next morning, she received an email from her chair and realized she had the deadline date wrong because her handbook had the wrong date! As Lauren puts it, God works fast. Oh, don’t we know! This realization propelled Lauren to kick it into high gear and she ended up writing 30 pages in just two days! She ended up defending her dissertation, and cannot explain the joy she felt hearing that she passed while her mom was present! Lauren reminds us that all things are possible through God! So stay the course because He can work some things out, change some due dates, and do even more!

So what did Lauren learn?

Don’t get so worked up when things don’t go as planned because the plan has already been written. Do the best you can in the moment and just let some stuff roll of your back. Work hard and let everything else come together. Timing is everything and some doors closing may be a blessing in disguise. God may be pushing you to do what you have always dreamed of instead of your current complacent environment. He will free up your time to cultivate your dream.

Oh and another very important thing that we ALL wonder about when following our dreams. Don’t worry about the funds when it comes to your dream! Lauren says she has had to come out of her own pocket, but she also has had some people reach out to her wanting to help or partner on workshops to lower her cost out of pocket. OH does ShuEsq know about the money part. Inventory is EXPENSIVE and as one person jokingly suggested, no one is GIVING us any of these fly shoes for FREE. We cannot even quite comprehend how our funding came about. But, we can summarize it in one magnificent word by saying, GOD!

Thanks Lauren for the moment of reflection on how we might be let down throughout this process. Her last words are “do not just survive in life, but THRIVE. Do all that you can do with the one life you get on Earth. Leave some footprints and enjoy every moment”. And in the words of Maya Angelou:

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
Well hey now! We’ve got yall covered on the shoe style part, the rest is up to YOU! So are you going to let your dreams live or die? Tell us how at
And to find out more about Lauren visit her social media pages on Instagram: @dr.laurenelise and @adjustyourcrownmentoring. You can also visit her organization’s website at


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