Channeling your inner Beyoncé to Dream More Than One Dream!

Don’t think you have what it takes to Dream More Than One Dream? “Just Believe in your inner Beyoncé- she has it all, does it all, and does it while being a queen.” This is the advice full-time attorney, adjunct professor, and active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Amber Gregg would tell you! And we must say, she is definitely in touch with her inner Beyoncé! Amber is also a wife, a mother, and a volunteer for “Girls Embracing Mothers,” which is an organization that focuses on empowering young girls whose mothers are in prison. Oh yes, we forgot to add founder to her list of many titles.  That’s right! Amber is the founder of “You Can Sit With Us DFW.” “You Can Sit With Us DFW” is an organization based in Dallas, TX that encourages the uplifting and supporting of other women. “You Can Sit With Us DFW” hosted a Women’s Empowerment Day at Kendra Scott to collect necessities for a local shelter that provides assistance and housing to domestic abuse victims. “You Can Sit With Us DFW” also collaborated with cosmetics line LipSense representative, Keena Newmark, to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

For Amber, “dreaming more than one dream” means she can be Wonder Woman because one CAN do everything and accomplish every goal one dreams of with no limits! Like ShuEsq, Amber believes there is no need to limit yourself to ONE title. Amber’s drive derives from the sacrifices people in her life have made for her. It helps her to remember to make the most out of the life God has entrusted her with. It is important to Amber to ensure those sacrifices were not made in vain. Amber also relies on her relationship with God and asks Him for clarity on the goals and dreams she wants to accomplish. Amber says God has always ordered her steps in the most supernatural ways and is amazed how everything in her life comes full circle.

Although Amber feels overwhelmed with the many hats she wears because there is not always enough time in the day, she prioritizes what is important.  For instance, there are times when she says no to speaking engagements and networking opportunities so that she can be at home with her son and her husband. For Amber, being a wife and a mother comes first. She allows everything else to fall in line according to God’s will.

Amber keeps in mind that she only gets one life to live, and rather looking back on her life wishing she would have accomplished certain dreams, she wants to look back and say, “You did that, girl!” Well, Amber girl, You ARE doing it!

To learn more about Amber’s organization, “You Can Sit With Us DFW,” visit! And to ensure a great start to 2018, Amber’s organization will be hosting a Pretty & Powerful vision board party in January!


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