BioChemist to Blogger: Aquila Farrell a.k.a. @mschurchdress is #DreamingMoreThanOneDream

Biochemist to Blogger.

That is not just a bit of alliteration, but a reflection of the real-life transition that Aquila Farrell has undertaken. It is also the title of her newly released e-book that details her process of launching a successful blog in less than five months.

But, you’re still trying to wrap your mind around the biochemist part, right?

Although now a luxury fashion and travel blogger, as well as an entrepreneur, Aquila worked in clinical trials for five years. Clinical trials are research studies where a medical doctor has an idea and wants to test it on a certain demographic. Aquila’s job was to make sure the clinical trial could be done with the resources the hospital had.

Eventually, Aquila arrived at the point where she submitted her application to medical school. But, something just did not feel right. She reflected on her lifestyle and her family structure, and knew that being a doctor would not work for where she saw herself going in the future. Most importantly, she did not want her career to infringe so much on her lifestyle. So, she decided that IF she was going to go the fashion route, it would have to be her career. She decided that she would have to make her dream a reality. Sometimes we must make those hard decisions.

Go BIG or go home!

Aquila reminds us that inside each of us is more than the one thing we enjoy to do. Isn’t’ there though? Aquila says that even if we hide our dreams, hobbies, and desire, they are still there. They.Don’t.Go.No.Where. “Supporting that dream by learning more about it and how to make it a reality makes you engaged with yourself and not distant from your reality”.

Easier said than done sometimes though, right? But, it is almost as if the universe was pushing Aquila to her dream in the fashion world. Much like the universe is probably pushing YOU. She says that after years of being a fashion lover, it felt like when people met her, they were primarily drawn to the fashion side of who she was. She describes the occasions of her trying to mention that she was a biochemist, but people would still ask her fashion questions and advice. She begin to ask herself, “What are they seeing in me that I did not see in me”? (Hey, dreamers…this is a good question to ask yourself right now)

So Aquila took the light that people saw in her and used it for her advancement. The encouragement from others was a literal springboard for her to get to the next level. It also gave her the courage and strength to tell her family and friends that she was pivoting her career. Because let us face it, there are those tough conversations we must have with important people in our lives about our next “dream” steps. And, we can naturally be hesitant about the response.

And luckily for Aquila, one of her important people, her husband, pretty much predicted that she would change careers. She doubted him for years even though at just 12 years old she wrote into a fashion television show asking the host how she could become a fashion designer and a doctor! She had to admit her husband was right, as he saw what was in her all along. Now, she is fully engulfed in her fashion career with all the support and guidance she needs.

This support and guidance undoubtedly pushed Aquila to keep going. She describes having to leave her salary-based role to be an entrepreneur. The sacrifice is always real! Because she certainly was not going to earn the same income. But, as entrepreneurs do, Aquila was creative in findings way to supplement her entrepreneur income.  She did not limit herself. By limiting herself, she knew that she would be steps behind. And, who wants to be behind?

But, the obstacles to her transition were not limited to salary. Aquila’s biggest obstacle was leaving a scientific background and immersing herself into a creative industry. Basically, very structured to a little structure. Aquila describes the world of science as being so controlled with regards to process and protocols. Fashion = no limit babeyyy! This transition forced her to stretch her imagination and look beyond what she was seeing.

And, even though she has departed science, to this day, young students still ask Aquila for help with chemistry. She stills helps them. Because Aquila’s chemistry persona is still there. It will always be a part of her. And, it is a part of her journey. A sometimes difficult journey that involves balancing switching her thoughts from chemistry to fashion.

So how did Aquila prepare for the switch? When she decided to become a blogger and entrepreneur, considering she was “late” to the fashion industry by traditional standards, she spent three months playing catch up by watching every fashion movie and reading magazines. This preparation made Aquila feel more confident. But, she did not stop her preparation. She continues this fashion research to this day.

And, where has the preparation propelled Aquila to? In just under one year of establishing her blog, she has landed various travel, fashion, and beauty partnerships. She has sat front row at New York Fashion Week, been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, interviewed on The Fashion Disclosure podcasts, featured on and on All under one-year folks! We think it is the proper time to say BRAVOOOOOO!!

Did we mention that Aquila makes all of her clothes AND all of the clothing featured on her blog are pieces of her own?!

So, although Aquila tells us at this point in her life she has chosen NOT to #dreammorethanonedream, as you have read, she really hasn’t. She is definitely dreaming more than one dream even though her dreams all lie within the fashion industry. She could have stopped at just making clothes. But, she kept going. She runs her blog and has now written an e-book. See dreamers, sometimes we do not even recognize our multiple dreams. 

Even with all of our blogs and advice throughout, Aquila reminds us that because no two dreams are like, everyone’s process will be different. We here at ShuEsq just hope you can get a little inspiration from reading our blogs to push you through your own specific and personal processes.

Aquila’s last words of inspiration are to remember, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. Does Aquila become fearful at times? Of course! We all do. But, instead of remaining in that fearful place, Aquila thinks about all there is for her to accomplish, so she pushes that fear to the side and goes for the gold.

We hope you go for the gold too, dreamers!

Check out Aquila’s blog here!

And, what ShuEsq shoes would a biochemist to blogger wear? These…


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