Age ain't nothing, but a numberrrr...Even when Dreaming More Than One Dream!

Age ain't nothing, but a numberrrr...Even when Dreaming More Than One Dream!

Age ain’t nothing but a numberrrrr

Many of us have sung along to one of our favorite and graceful artist, Aaliyah. Yet, as much as we love that song, how many of us have still felt that our age was a barrier keeping us away from reaching our dream sooner rather than later?

Well, Briana Westry-Robinson certainly has not let her age keep her away from her dreams. How so? Not only is she already an attorney, but at 27 she also became the youngest elected African American Judge in the state of Alabama. Yes, 27!

So, while we are singing along to Aaliyah, Judge Westry-Robinson really lived it!

And guess what? Judge Westry-Robinson says there is, even more, she wants to do. She references the Notorious BIG by saying “the sky is the limit” and knowing that, she is inspired to also become a TV Court Judge, a pilot, a travel blogger, and more! Since it is clear we are feeling musical somebody might as well tune to Young Gunz “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…we get down baby, we get down”!

See being a Judge was not Briana’s first major stop. She is also a former prosecutor, former owner of a private law firm, and she is currently a mentor and part owner of a trucking company.

To have the drive to pursue all of these dreams, it is undeniable that #DreamingMoreThanOneDream is important to Briana. She believes it is important to pursue ALL of your passions because no one should live a life with any regrets. Briana is not afraid of failing at anything because it leaves the opportunity of never knowing what truly could have happened. So, she says, “why not knock on the doors of your interest and see what lies behind”? She states that many people in life have gained success based on their unwavering commitment to their dream, no matter how many times they have failed. Briana reminds us that if you TRULY believe in yourself the many Nos that you receive will be afterthoughts to that ONE YES. And, don’t we know it?!?!

But, how? Briana says her faith in God gives her the courage to go after more than one dream. She has always believed in God, but admits that the low times in her life really allowed her to fall in LOVE with Him. Unfortunately, sometimes we actually do have to go low, in order to go high. Just do not stay down there Dreamers! Like Briana, understand that your faith in the Savior allows you to know that ANYTHING is possible with Him. Briana now knows that she is worthy of all things that He has prepared for her.

Ha! We might have to add minister to her titles! The ability to turn negatives and low times in life to positives is essential in being a dreamer of multiple dreams. Because if not, your dreams might start looking like a nightmare! Do not fret though. Just refuse to let an obstacle turn your dream into a nightmare.

But, we know that a dream can easily start looking like a nightmare because of those obstacles we just have no way of avoiding. Briana describes that most of her obstacles have been simply the negativity of others. She stresses that she has no value for negativity and it holds NO place in her life. Hey, dreamers you should not allow it in your life either! Harboring negativity in your life is the quickest way that your dreams will surely turn into a nightmare. As Briana states, “negative thoughts breed negative energy and, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR TIME”. Briana recognizes that her identity as a black female already comes with enough obstacles against her. So always remaining positive and not even allowing negative energy in her space is essential. Dreamers, take some time to recognize what you have coming against you. Now, realize that these things are enough AND you have no space or energy for any added barriers!

And despite what you may have come against you simply because of your identity or what you were born into, you must believe in yourself. In fact, Briana’s campaign slogan was “Believe in Briana”. But, before Judge Westry-Robinson could ask others to believe in her, she had to first believe in herself. The same goes for you Dreamers. Do not ask people to believe in your goals and dreams if you do not even believe. Ask yourself, how are you showing others that you believe in your dream? How are you showing yourself? Are you working hard, or working lazily? Are you putting off what you can do today, to tomorrow? You cannot fool people about how serious you are about your dreams. And, you cannot fool the universe into believing your dreams are important either if you are not going above and beyond.

By believing in yourself, Briana states that it will be so much easier for everyone else to follow suit. And listen, when dreaming, you want as much ease in the process as possible. The confidence you exude when doing so is immeasurable.

And, do not just have confidence in yourself, but as Briana reminds us, also know the importance of forming relationships with people and treating them fairly. As a former prosecutor, Briana says she tried to be as fair as possible. In her new role as a Judge, she knows that we as people all make mistakes. However, she understands that it is not her job to punish people for every single act they have done, but instead her job is to guide them and help make better decisions so that there does not have to be a “next time”!

But, guess what dreamers? There won’t be a next time for your dreams. This life here is all we have. It is either now or never. So tell us, what new doors are you going to knock on? Let us know at

Judge Westry Robinson pictured at her swearing in ceremony.




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