We are Taking You to Colombia with Indie Designers Tahi Shoes!

…Life near the Coast.
…A love for nature.
…Constant contact with the vibrations and movements of the waves of the sea.

These are the descriptors for the women who inspire the indie brand Tahi Shoes. Based out of Colombia and founded just a few years ago in 2014 by two Colombian sisters, one a graphic designer and one a fashion designer, Tahi Shoes combines diversity of colors, movements, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical geometric figures in order to make FUN shoes sure to garner the attention of anyone walking by.

And it’s not just about the colors and standing out. Tahi Shoes are handmade one by one using materials for the elaboration of its pieces by using synthetic and fine fabrics such as Brocades, Chenille, Canvas, and Velvet among others, instead of skin because the brand is focused on women who are more sensitive to animal welfare and nature.
With Tahi Shoes, everything is not just about the vibrant women wearing the shoes being the center of attention, but also about how these women are making conscious choices about how their fashion decisions are contributing to the environment.
And while consciousness cannot be copied, Tahi Shoes has faced the obstacle of many companies starting to copy their designs. Luckily, they have built a customer base that fortunately prefers to buy the real brand because they know they are guaranteed quality. Remember, the women who wear Tahi Shoes are not just vibrant and fashionable, but they care. Tahi Shoes teaches us to offer more than just what meets the eye. The attention you get through the visuals should just be the door to open more meaningful dialogue.

In getting over the copying obstacle that so many indie designers face, Tahi Shoes started working with bloggers to build more confidence with their customers and collaborating with a major store in Colombia, FALABELLA. Collaborations are so important and vital to new brands. When potential customers can connect your brand to a more recognizable one, it gives you some clout. Building trust is essential.

Tahi Shoes stays inspired by looking to the brand they admire most, the internationally recognizable Aquazzura. And Aquazzura started in Barranquilla, the same place Tahi Shoes is based out of! Aquazzura gives Tahi Shoes a path to look forward to. There is definitely a difference between being inspired and copying. The main difference here is Tahi Shoes’ acknowledgment and admiration for Aquazzura.

And through our admiration of Tahi Shoes, we are excited that we here at ShuEsq get to introduce Tahi Shoes as our newest indie designer to our customer base!

Get ready to be vibrant and conscious.  Sounds like a dreamer to us!


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