Spotlight on Independent Designer: Becki Coakley


However, Becki’s motivation for being an indie designer is much more sentimental than our desire to launch a platform for this unique group of shoe designers. See, both Becki and her mother shared the passion of unique shoes. But, unfortunately, Becki’s mother passed away. And through paying homage to her mother, Becki found the push she needed to go after her dreams.

Becki ensures that her mother’s presence is still represented throughout the brand by including an “A” and three horizontal lines in her logo. “A” is for Angie, Becki’s mother’s name and the three lines represent her mother’s three children. Becki’s name is on the third line to represent her position as the third children. What a significant way to keep her mother’s life and legacy alive!

Similar to ShuEsq, Becki says her line is made for women whose style is timeless, unique, and chic. The woman who is not afraid to be the center of attention, although not seeking it. Instead, this woman is receiving the attention because of her confidence and shoes that make her stand out from others. At ShuEsq, we like to believe this is the equivalent of how when your shoes should do the talking.

So what does the process look like for a shoe that will do all of the talking? Becki first begins with something that catches her eye, rather that is a shape or an object. She even gets inspiration from dreams and will literally wake up, grab her phone, make a doodle, and write detailed notes of everything. She next chooses the materials and colors for her shoes as she is going through each stage. Eventually, she has a professional sketch drawn so that she can get it exactly to her specifications. Why a professional sketch? Becki admits that she CANNOT SKETCH AT ALL. This is a perfect example of how not to let your lack prevent you from following down a path. Those tasks and skills you do not have, someone else does! So, if you are a designer (or dreamer) who can imagine beautiful designs, but refuses to move forward because of your lack of professional sketching, take a page out of Becki’s book!




And, while we are talking about lack, Becki admits, like many of us self-starters, her biggest obstacle is finances. She started her company with no help, from resources such as investors. But, she has overcome this obstacle with the help of sales and very strategic budgeting. Budgeting is such an imperative and important part of pursuing any dream.

All in all, despite the possible lack of skill and possible lack of money, Becki advises future designers that:

If starting your own shoe line is your passion AND YOU CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, then just go for it. Make a step towards starting your line. You never know what you can achieve, but you have to try. Be willing to accept that you might have breakdowns and times that you might want to quit. It’s natural. But, don’t let that feeling take over. There is nothing more gratifying and humbling than to see strangers wearing your shoes or talking about how much they love them.

What Becki emphasizes here is so important. If you just want to be a designer because it creates an occasional spark in your brain, considering all the necessary and hard work, you may want to rethink the process. But, if you live and breathe it, GO FOR IT!

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