Inquiring minds would like to know, what does your shoe style say about YOU?

NICOLI, a United Arab Emirate based luxury women’s shoe line, speaks volumes of a woman’s individual style. NICOLI is a family ran a company that appreciates its ability to have ultimate control over the quality of their products as well as their creative process. To keep its collection fresh and exciting, NICOLI does not produce a mass amount of styles at a time- once you fall in love with a design, you must purchase it quickly because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

We are sure you are wondering, what makes this women’s luxury shoe line so different? Lucky for you, NICOLI provided insight on how to recognize its one-of-a-kind brand!  If you see shoe designs embellished with twinkling diamanté crystals from Swarovski and Preciosa then you’ve found the golden ticket! NICOLI’s pride is in designs that are embellished with Swarvoski and Preciosa. In fact, its latest collection, the “embroidered collection” embodies just that!

Although NICOLI is making headway as a luxury women’s shoe line in United Arab Emirates, it does face its own set of obstacles. It’s biggest obstacle to date is creating visibility for their brand. Wow! Doesn’t ShuEsq know a thing or two about creating brand visibility., However, NICOLI attempts to overcome this obstacle through their online community. Their online community assists in NICOLIs ability to send their shoes across the world and ensure that their customers receive the same level of service as the customers who are shopping in-store at their Middle East locations.

As for who inspires NICOLI? NICOLI admits it admires any shoe designer that makes a woman feel transformed and glamorous, but in NICOLI’s opinion, Giuseppe Zanotti and Charlotte Olympia seem to understand the power of a glamorous shoe. While NICOLI is an admirer of Giuseppe Zanotti and Charlotte Olympia, NICOLI’s dream collaboration would have been with the late legendary Roger Viver because his designs exemplified old Hollywood. Roger Viver’s designs were donned by Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bard. Mr. Viver was also commissioned to make the fairytale confections that Queen Elizabeth wore to her coronation in 1953. As NICOLI points out, it does not get any better than that!

And, as for the inspiration NICOLI has to offer to you?! do not embark on a shoe line if you do not have any of those three things in abundance. You need the confidence to create something fresh and unique, motivation to keep the dream alive and belief that your shoe line will offer your customers something that they cannot find anywhere else.

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