Independent Shoe Designer, Alona Zamsh, Presents Patented Shoes!

Through Bilberry, 33-year-old designer Alona Zamsh offers customers the opportunity to add their own style to shoes so they can uniquely express themselves plus add their personal sense of fashion. Bilberry is the perfect combination of creativity and comfort. And just three years ago, when the Bilberry brand was birthed, the agenda was to show that you do not have to buy a lot of different shoes in order to have a variety of different looks and styles without spending extra money. It was simple, yet important…save money and save the environment.

Alona’s creative process, like most creatives, lies in seeing possibilities everywhere and constantly taking in information that becomes the fodder for her creative expression. The ability to take in everything around you and translate that into a line of shoes is as Alona says, “Genius”! And, Alona’s brand is so creative, that her shoes are actually patented!

And, considering that Alona admires Claudio Merazzi shoes, for their creativity and innovation, and would love to collaborate with the infamous Manolo Blahnik, it is safe to assume that she believes they are genius too!

All this genius in one post, just who is Alona? Alona was born in Russia and has lived in Israel since she was seven. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and a degree in design. And, even after getting her design degree, she still did not know exactly what she wanted to do. But, she knew that she wanted to do something special and unique while keeping her agenda (as a vegan) of preserving the environment and creating something with added value that she could make a living from with pleasure and pride.

While trying to make a living when trying to figure out life, Alona worked as a bartender. It was then, she came up with the idea to be an indie designer who creates shoes with interchangeable magnets. In her #DreamMoreThanOneDream lifestyle, she had the need to constantly change shoes throughout the day. She had business meetings in the morning and then had to change shoes that would match the theme for the night at the particular bar she was working at. Although this was her personal experience, she realized that all modern women have so many things that they have to do throughout a day. To be professional, to be sexy, to be cute, to be rock n roll! Thus, her creative mind is inspired by the nightlife of Tel Aviv, to the window from her office, and to the busy streets of Tel Aviv in the morning!

But, the creative process of developing an indie shoe line does not come without obstacles, as you might imagine. Alona specifies that the obstacles are in fact endless. But, with a smile, she says that this is with anything in life. Thus, not to be discouraged. Alona reminds us that anything comes with obstacles. Her obstacles have included starting with people who did not believe in her brand in order to put the idea into practice and production. But, she reminds us, that “where there is a will, there is a way”. Don’t we know it! Instead of looking at an obstacle in the negative sense, Alona says that actually, “every obstacle is an opportunity to learn, grow, and be a better you”. AKA you come out better on the other side of an obstacle, so the troubles are worth it.

Alona’s advice to others desiring to start their own indie line or facing obstacles, “Originality, persistence, and vision are the keys to success”. Sounds like the perfect recipe for us too as we strive to continue curating original styles on a persistent basis with a clear vision of making sure you Dreamers are the talk of any room you walk in!

“Be patient and believe in yourself. With hard work, and the right people you will get there. Good luck”!
You can view Alona’s collection directly on her website at


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